Check the map for his location!
Please see updated !motd in game for details.
Minos has finished the ammo crate for the gun dealer, I have set the price to $2500. Simply put, you deploy this item in your shop and other users may purchase ammo from it and the gun dealer will get 1/3 of the sale to recoup the cost of the crate, no explosive ammo in this crate, it will still be purchased thru the Illegal Arms Dealer.

The Fiend boss has been added, and thanks to Senpai we now have some awesome boss profiles, thanks again! Timmy and Minos are working on adding quite a few more bosses!



- Timmy has fixed the microwave for the weed add on, and it has been added back to the F4 Menu

- The Ammo Crate the gun dealer can spawn has been removed, as it will be getting a revamp. The goal will be to have this as a deployable item, the gun dealer can place in his or her shop and customers may purchase ammo from it, proceeds going to the gun dealer to recoup the cost of the purchase and make extra money. This item will not refill explosive ammo.

- Explosive ammunition may be purchased from the Illegal Arms Dealer. It has been added to the entity list.

- Money clickers have been added. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For now Gold is open to anyone but this will be restricted to VIP soon.

- We're also going to get rid of the current F4 menu for a better one most likely today or tomorrow.
If you wish to donate to the server the email address for paypal is

VIP will cost $10.00

Other stuff will be added once the add on is configured and live.

Thank you. =D
I'll admit, I'm bad at adding to this, but I'll make an honest effort to be better!

The Deathclaw boss has been added
The Party System has been added - type !party to start one and invite your friends!

-- Timmy has simplified our addons, load time should be under 2 minutes w/o any addons installed --

-- More updates to come tonight/tomorrow --
Please check back for updates to the server!