29 Apr 2019


The TERMS OF SERVICE has been updated.

The Big Bad Knife collection has been added, this is a Perma selection of Crimson Web CS:GO knives! 

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By Rizzle O

24 Jan 2019

Donation module finally there!

Hey everyone,

We finally have our donation module! we are still working on this, so expect a lot of changes on the site!

~ Owners

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By #Kawaii 1992 ツ | ItsTimmyB

Terms of Service


Big Bad Army

  • Purchasing any donation packages does not grant the buyer any extra special treatment, you are still bound by the rules of the server.
  • Abuse of VIP privleges can result loss of your VIP status for a set period of time up to 1 Month.

Refund Policy

  • We do not offer refunds.
  • If you made a mistake, please contact us directly on our Discord